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Actually it's not that funny.

A member of the ridonkulus family.
"Oh yeah? Well your mother's a whore!"
by Smocko November 02, 2004

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Exclamation of dismay.
Mutton: Hoyt, it's leavin' time. We're twenty minutes late!
Trenchie: Shithorse!
by Smocko November 05, 2004

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A shortened version of "ahem".
Nice, Jimmy Rollins is, hem, up... the Phillies are, hem, sure to tie the game.
by Smocko September 18, 2004

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A person who wishes to be in a small space all the time, like a closet. This person is not gay, just crap. Closely associated with womb regret.
"I'm so cold ... I wish I was in a nice, warm closet."
by Smocko November 01, 2004

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Noun. The opposite of claustrophobia, one who likes to be in small spaces and stays in his room all the time. This person likes warm, comforting, familar spaces and wishes that he had stayed in the womb.

Closetwish is a very similar adjective.
Womb regret. How crap is that!
by Smocko November 01, 2004

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1. Doesn't mean anything. Used to fill a gap in the conversation.
2. Expression of resignation, like a verbal shrug.
3. Observe them girl types.
1. (Pause)
Fredrick: Look at the birds
2. Chadworth: We're done for.
Marshall: Look at the birds.
3. Stines: Look at the birds.
Jobsman: Noice!
by Smocko October 10, 2004

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Of or realting to the time of duker, when he is over, or he is there. Often, duker is reluctant for Duker Toime see toime.
Duker toime!

Duker: It's not Duker Toime!!
by Smocko October 06, 2004

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