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A string of multiple flatulent occurences that are each short in length and high-pitched. May or may not occur while giggling.
In the middle of class, Phil let out a fart giggle. It was the only noise he ever made in class.
by Smellaina January 23, 2007

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Derogatory term for someone of Irish decent, particularly older males who's heads resemble the texture and shape of potatoes while their faces are confoundedly baby-like.
That Brendan Gleeson is a total potato baby.
by smellaina October 28, 2009

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A special kiss shared between two people in which one or both parties have ground beef and farts in their mouth(s).
While dining on hamburgers, Adam passed gas. Heidi caught it in her mouth, and the two shared a magical Peruvian kiss.
by Smellaina January 06, 2007

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