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To wipe your ass with someone's toothbrush
Dude why does your breath smell so bad? Did someone give you an angry dentist?
by SlimGravy January 06, 2010

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Cumming in your girl's ass while she's sleeping and having her discover the cum dripping from her butt in the morning.
My girl isn't talking to me because of the sneaky leaky I gave her last night.
by SlimGravy February 08, 2008

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A vagibomb occurs when an unsuspecting man goes down on a girl and has his face doused by a large splash of female cum.
Dude, why the hell does your face smell like an anchovies cunt? Oh, you're smelling the vagibomb my girl laid on me this morning.
by SlimGravy February 08, 2008

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Receiving a blowjob while having your head shaved.
Spaz received a German Geronimo at a very shady, yet surprisingly serviceable barber shop.
by SlimGravy February 08, 2008

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To spread gravy upon a naked woman's chest and take pictures of it.

Doug gave that blond over there a gravyfury last weekend, then showed him the pictures.
by SlimGravy January 26, 2008

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A common kitchen item used to give an anxiously awaiting gravygirl a gravyfury.
I just filled the gravyboat full of fresh KFC gravy, are you ready to smile for the camera and have it poured all over your bare breasts???
by SlimGravy January 20, 2010

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Placing the right thumb in the vagina, and the left thumb in the butthole.
My wife moaned and groaned as I gave her a no-lube double thumpkin.
by SlimGravy January 16, 2019

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