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The word originated in India years ago and is a slang (hinglish)for chatting. Hinglish is a mixture of English and Hindi. Gupping comes from gup ang ing. Gup is chat in Hindi and gupping means chatting.
He has been gupping with his friend all night.
He is a big gupper.
by Sko January 03, 2013

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Pizza's little known bastard half-brother; comprised of a pseudo-dough resembling a nasty bagel, a half-teriaki-half-bbq sauce and cheese covering everything, making it look like a melted blob of cheese.

Made famous by Maxie's Deli on Times Square.
Oh man, I though I ordered a pizza but it's so nasty I must've made a mistake and ordered a piza.
by sko February 01, 2005

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The act of ejactulating in someone's mouth, only to have them spit the load on the palm of your open hand so you can slap them across the face with it.

A humiliating act invent from drug induced conversations at Western Michigan University.
"Michelle is such a bitch I want to give her a western white wash to put her in her place."

'SLAP!' "How do you like that!"
by sko February 27, 2005

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the reverse spelling of fuckedup, to be extremely intoxicated by a drug.
pudekcuf- damn, jake is pudekcuf after that last bowl of cronic.
by sko March 14, 2004

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When someone takes a dump and gets up because he thinks he is done, only to realize there is still shit to be shat. Sits back down, takes another dump, gets up and needs yet again to sit down to complete "the triple decker".
Tony ate so much burritos in the car that he had to pull over at the rest stop for a triple decker.
by sko January 31, 2005

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A noise made to acknowledge someone's comments or actions, or simply to say 'yes'.

Can be accompanied by a slight nod.
Nick : Have you seen that great movie "The Core?"
Matthew : purrrrhrrrrmmmrrrr.
by sko February 02, 2005

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