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Owtf= Oh, what the fuck?

Usually used to show surprise.
Guy1: Oh, by the way. I slept with your wife.
Guy2: OWTF!?
Guy1: Yeah, we got pretty drunk, and when we woke up next to each other in the morning we were both like "OWTF!?"
by Heetleer July 12, 2006
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written on AIM one day. means= or whatever the fuck. As in when you miscpell a word and you look stupid. To hide in shame you write "or. whatever. the. fuck you spell it" after a mispelled word .

"or. whatever. the. fuck. you want!"
"O.W.T.F you want!"

"O.W.T.F you spell it"
"O.W.T.F !"
by KIND2012lol March 16, 2009
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the alternate way of saying Oh, What the fuck?
Person 1:owtf, you did not get get pwnt.
Person 2: Yep, I got PWNTZ.
Person 1: Go pwn yourself, n00ber.
by Santa October 14, 2004
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