Becoming aware of the collective substructure of life and society leading to deeper liberation than is commonly thought possible.
You have to let it all go Neo. Government, fads, bullshit: Free your mind. It's called Anarcho-communism, it's the only way to fly.
by Kamisama September 8, 2005
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Anarcho-communism is one of many leftist philosophies that grew out of the USSR's collapse. Anarcho-Communists claim to be against government as well as capitalism. The ideology is contradictory in that it portends to be against authority and force, despite the fact that you need authority and force to limit capitalism. Noam Chomsky, a lingistics professor at MIT is one of a several modern leaders of the movement, and he too perpetuates the ideology's contradictions by being for increased government to stop corporations. To be brief, an anarcho-communist makes as much sense as it's name...none. A follower of anarcho-communism is often called an "oxymoron" or simply "moron" for short.
"Colombia's paramilitaries killed workers who tried to join a union. It's not the government's's Coca Cola's fault." "About 30 million people died under Stalin's authoritarian communist government. It's not Communism's's capitalism's fault for making Stalin work so hard that he killed people. The solution? Just take away the word 'authoritarian'" "Government is evil...but we need it to protect the environment, provide healthcare, education, jobs, food, and protect people from capitalists who want to sell us things we might want to buy" "Anarcho-communism isn't are contradictory!"
by Bucky O'Hare April 23, 2006
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A left-wing, libertarian extremist ideology that rejects all forms of societal hierarchies - social, economic, genetic - and by extension the state for creating and enforcing them.
"Anarcho-communism. Anarcho-communists are a first variant of leftist anarchism. They are communists, but minus the state."
-- Jreg, "Anti-Centrism: Know Your Extremists (From Anprim to Nazbol)"
by The Logical Fallacy July 7, 2020
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An anarchist theory involving destruction of all government and that all people are paid equally and all land is publicly owned. Anarcho-communism is either far-left or far-right on the political spectrum.
Anarcho-communism would be the best thing the United States has ever experienced.
by fruitflydaddy December 11, 2017
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