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1- Just the Iranian twin brother of George W Bush...

2- A wicked, brainless boy, filled with the desire for destruction, who has gained the power to do so.
Dad: He (his son) has got to be something, look at the the way he is trying to kill the cat. Yesterday I also saw him set the garbage can into fire... he is only 3 now, but he's going to be a politician, a president, someday......

Mom: (:O ????????

Dad (tears of happiness in his eyes): YES! Another ahmadinejad is born!
by Shzz September 15, 2009
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Someone you can tell her/him about the most stupid things you've done, and don't feel like a real idiot. You should be able to keep that secret sharing for long.
me to my best friend: u cannot believe what a fun i had last night, i needed to pee but we were having sex with Ted and he didn't let me go..... and well... guess what, i peed on him!
by Shzz September 16, 2009
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A word used when you have absolutely no idea of what others are talking about, usually accompanied with a stupid look and a half open mouth:
Jeff: a seyfert galaxy, 65789000978765 million light years away from us was swallowed by the 43001 black hole, 6556378 years ago!!!!

Joe: yeah, yeah!
by Shzz August 30, 2009
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an inevitable phase of doing sex, that a man opens his mouth wide (like a snake) and swallows you! If you are lucky enough to get out of his mouth, you will resemble a mouthful brought back by a child, deepened in saliva!
Miranda: heyyyyy what's wrong with you? have you fallen into a river or something?

Joan: Actually I've been french kissed...
by shzz August 30, 2009
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