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A style of hitting an opponent where you bring your elbow to chest level and your hand to eye level while brining all of your finger tips(including the thumb) together facing foward. When you strike your opponent you keep your elbow in place while striking your hand strongly towards your target. If you have done this properly your hand and arm should look like a crane.
Although this is not a practical fighting method, and is not recomended if you want to win a fight.
Kid 1: (Strikes Kid 2 with the Mother Fuckin' Crane method)

Kid 2: OW! What the hell was that?

Kid 1: It's the Mother Fuckin' Crane Bitch!
by Shortbusian1 September 02, 2010

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Those annoying monsters in Fable 2 that attack you throughout the entire game even though you can kill them with one hit. Several quests include them where it shows that Hobbes were once kids who basically lose their minds.
kid 1: So what did you think of Fable 2?

kid 2: It was fun, but it would be better if those dumb Hobbes didnt attack you every 30 seconds!
by Shortbusian1 September 06, 2010

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