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A crappy game in which you cannot die. You get one scar and you come back to life with FULL health, not to mention when you revive, you do a super shockwave attack
Fable 2 is the easiest game ever made.
by xtreme2252 June 15, 2009
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A seemingly fun game at first, but slowly unravels into something awful. Expect constant glitching(My wife and family disappeared), god-awful jokes ripped from Monty Python(nothing against Monty Python), and the most terrible character morphing ever.

If by some insane decision, you decide to be evil, your character will look like a tauren from World of Warcraft. You start off as a kid with a mullet. The main villian is killed in one shot. No cutscenes, for better or worse. Most female characters will end up looking like a prostitute. Constant glitching. Mediocre character design. Terrible hairstyles apart from a couple. Money is so simple to get, I owned Bowerstone in less than two hours. Male characters look flat out mentally challenged(no offense to the mentally challenged). A female character looks like a gross butch if even a point is devoted to Strength. Upgrading Will causes blue stretch marks to invade your body. Children are useless, despite how cool they sound. Your character takes it's sister's death with a smile, and the list continues.

Nothing what Peter Molyneux promised. Most of what he promised is over-exaggerated from what it truly was. The first Fable had such a great story and beautiful creativity combined with well-place humor, while humor in Fable 2 is crude at best, and the story feels random and unfulfiling.
Fable 2 should never have been hyped up. The first Fable was god, and Fable 2 is a crude picture of god plastered with failure.
by RIP Fable July 01, 2009
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Sequel to the game Fable, coming out in October.
me: man i cant wait till fable 2 comes out!
friend: same, online co-op is gonna be sweet!
by fable 2 will be awesome July 25, 2008
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A life changing experience in which you can kill entire villages of innocent people, have unprotected sex with random strangers, sacrifice innocent people to the shadows, get drunk as hell, have your kid taken away by child protective services, and lots of other fun stuff as long as you don't play the game like a pussy. (Dustin)
I would cut off my left arm, use it to beat my dog to death, and then live off of the remains for three weeks rather than quit playing Fable 2.
by helixed October 27, 2008
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