5 definitions by Shizzles Man

A gay person or an idiot who thinks they are their opposite respective sex.
Oh hey look, there's a fruitcake parade in New York today.
by Shizzles Man August 25, 2019
A strong term used when whom wants someone else to be quiet FAST
by Shizzles Man November 16, 2016
A complete and total idiot, or when someone completely misses an answer.
Person 1: Hey I'm going to pour a bunch of slip in the bottom of my bowl
Person 2: Noo you shakle it'll crack once its bone dry
by Shizzles Man November 25, 2019
A stupid person or when someone does something they shouldn't have done.
When he turned off my computer, I yelled "You absolute pilerk, don't ever do that again!"
by Shizzles Man November 15, 2016
When you make somone else or yourself bleed.
Hey, you just blooded my finger.
by Shizzles Man January 18, 2018