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The baddest fucking no prep racer on no limit 2.0
I just got my ass fucked on no limit by Splooge Busket. Blue ballz is fast as a broke whore who needs diapers. Because she has a blowed out asshole.
by Shitshow1986 July 7, 2022
An enormous amount of semen or cum blown out of the man's penis, or meat missle.
I blew a huge load inside your moms cum dumpster.
by Shitshow1986 June 29, 2022
A Beta male who wishes to be connected to his overbearing mother by trying to get back inside her womb, and be fed once again by the umbilical cord. (Metaphorically speaking)
Chris is such a fucking placenta face! His mom taught him how to eat pussy, herself.
by Shitshow1986 June 29, 2022
A loose asshole that loses elasticity after taking more than 7 inches in diameter of damage. From gay sex or anything else shoved in that hole. It will look like a pink sock if done correctly.
The Navy has the most men with blown out brown balloon knots.
by Shitshow1986 June 29, 2022
Uh, you know the thing?! The art of understanding a geriatric, fecal incontinent old man, in DC telling people he's the president of the United States.
Are you Bidenfluid? Biden: I have created 370,000 jobs... Jhdikhffhk, I put a dead dog on their front porch and ran away. If you understand that, you're Bidenfluid. See, nobody is.
by Shitshow1986 August 3, 2022
The reason Joe Biden is sending tons of money to Ukraine. To cover up his illegal and self serving deals he made with the most corrupt country in the world. Also, to cover his faggot ass kids business dealings as well. If the Ukraine government were to tell the American people what the Biden family was doing in Ukraine, Joe Biden would be impeached and hung for treason.
Why is Biden sending tons of tax payer money to Ukraine? Its the Ukrainian cover up!
by Shitshow1986 July 8, 2022
An asshole that becomes agape after being fucked hard. It then turns into a pink sock.
Darla has a blowed out asshole because she took Matt's Alabama king snake, for 3 hours straight.
by Shitshow1986 July 6, 2022