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1. A sex act where a passive partner finds the biggest prison dweller he can possibly find, to reunite with him in a darkest, dampest, most isolated dungeon that can be procured. the big guy then binds the passive one's limbs with barbed wire, sews a perfectly crafted miniature union jack on his right tit, gets a good hold of him and furiously rams him down under while both chant "God Save the Queen" in perfect unison. The passive partner then runs away jumping like an injured kangaroo and mooing like a pained cow., until he finds a bush and shits behind it like a camper. He then yells the big guy to get over there so that he can suck his dick. Bonus point if finding black people on the course of the act, pushing them out of the blue as hard as possible and then throwing alcohol/drugs on them while saying "I am a true gentleman". Be careful to run fast before they have a chance to react though, or the whole day spent on your fun Australia's History could be ruined.
1. William: I did Australia's History last night. I got the stud's number and everything.
Noah: I never have done that. It sounds... gay
William: u wot m8? Where's your patriotic spirit cunt? Don't you have love for this country!?
by Shitcock April 5, 2015
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A very kinky, very sexy and extremely patriotic sex act that you should be proud of achieving if you pull it off, man or woman. See American Pounding.
Boy, the Government has nothin' on THIS Patriot Act! I came buckets!
by Shitcock March 13, 2015
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its the "pre-runner, sweet bro, jock, abercrombie and fitch" in one saying .. similiar to the vegas kids saying of "hella"
1.that was so sick brah


by Shitcock January 16, 2005
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To clear things up, there is a major difference between a jock and athletes. Jocks tend to abuse their popularity, while the athletes don't really mind who they talk to or hang out with.
Signs of a jock: Rude, arrogant, stupid, beats up people, dates only cheerleaders and hangs around other jocks

Signs of a true athlete: Love their sport, try to stay down-to-earth (a little arrogance is expected), hang out with whoever they want, date whoever they want, might beat people up but that doesn't mean it was uncalled for.
by Shitcock June 6, 2004
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A.K.A. Patriot Act

1. A sex act between a man and a woman, which consists in hanging the woman to the ceiling using leather straps for the legs, engaging in rough coitus, beating the woman's rear end blue, letting go off the straps and finishing on her buttocks. Her strap marks represent the stripes, the buttocks the square and the splooge the stars of the flag of the land of freedom, hence the very appropriate name.

Note: The most ideal way to do it is to use exactly thirteen straps, commit the act against the partner's will and/or knowledge, and do it publicly, to brashly deny it afterwards. The woman, or passive partner, also has to be as light-skinned as possible.

At least four variations of this popular sex technique also exist:

The Liberal:
Giving the passive role to a man, the penetrative role to a woman, or both. Bonus points if it's also interracial.

The Conservative:
Shooting down the passive partner and burying the evidence. Bonus points if everything takes place in the cheapest Roadside Motel avaliable and no condoms are used.

Raising the Flag:
Just as the act is finished, stick a pole no less long than a broomstick on the passive partner's mouth. Actually raising the flagpole high above and saluting a possibly inexistant crowd is optional. Overdoing it may however turn the whole thing into a conservative, so be careful.

The Veteran's Day Homage:
Giving your girlfriend/wife to a real veteran for the purpose of this act.
John A: I gave a good American Pounding to Jazznellie last night.

John B: I have always dreamed of doing that shit! How was it??

John A: Son, It was glorious.
by Shitcock October 12, 2014
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past tense form of pwn3d.

to be "player-owned", "bitched", owned, or boozled(see boozle).
damn nigga that was some PWN4G3
by Shitcock January 12, 2005
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