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High-waisted panties, specially those so high-waisted as to cover the bellybutton at the front, and look even more weird as shit for our sober modern standards from the back, as if the wearer had a great problem letting even the smallest amount of fart to ever leave her, hence the name.
Gordon: Hey Chad, how was your sexy time with that hot chick last night?

Chad: She was wearing fucking fartcatchers! My boner withered as quickly as I kicked that bitch out of the room!

Gordon: So gay. Bad choice of underwear tho
by SHITCOCK February 08, 2013
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An obsequious servant, waiter, or sales assistant; one who continually follows closely behind their employer/customer, fawning and pathetically eager to please.
The moment you entered the store, you had a fartcatcher treading on your heels.
by Finbarthebad May 19, 2007
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Large or baggy female underwear, usually worn in place of a thong on a heavy flow day.
1. See-through white pants are completely pointless when the bitch is wearing fart catchers.
2. She should wear a t-bar, not those damn huge fart catchers.
by Brian the Wop July 19, 2005
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A person who cannot get their tongue further up the bosses / superiors / other persons arsehole. A kiss-arse. An arse licker. A rimmer. Someone who unnecessarily worships someone so much they catch their precious farts lest they be released into thin air.
by JackersKnackers March 26, 2008
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