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to get ready to fight
what you tryin to buck
by Sherlock February 11, 2004

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A factoid of some sort. Yes. Best shoes ever made in the history of time. Due to the fact that no one really knows Chuck Taylor....or do they... Im sure they don't. I prefer Red.
"OldSchool59s:You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. But if your friends don't dance, and if they dont dance. Well then they're no friends of mine."
by Sherlock April 09, 2003

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Organization of elite individuals selected by officials of high stature. Developed to give an option of not joining the futile greek system of regulation and buying of friends.
I wish I could join raiderernity because all of these frats and sororities are full of a bunch of gays.
by Sherlock August 06, 2003

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when an individual is wired or hasnt had enough sleep and is exisiting in sort of a haze.
The young Freshmen look jaggled after puling an all-nighter to finish his english project.
by Sherlock March 14, 2005

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The textile that my Grandmother uses to cleans and remove fecal matter from her godess body.
"Grandma, where is your weasel sponge?"
by Sherlock March 28, 2003

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Synonym for: Rad, Phat, Killer, Holler, Devious, Slammin, Hotness, Grand Royal, Tubular, Bodacious, Werd, Super, Grovey, Lovely, Far-Out, Gravey, Gangsta, Fo Grizzle, Dangels, Bangin, Busticated, Ratitatat, Lalapalooza, Jugula, Frankfort. Not Peace
"i banged the dog. sweet"
by Sherlock April 09, 2003

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spaztic blonde who treasures chapstik. if it were not for 2005 she would still be a tree luvin hippie.
"i so am not a hippie!" sara screams as she chows down on her all natural health bar...
by Sherlock March 23, 2005

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