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Accusing someone with a winning argument of racism as a distraction.

Named for journalist Spencer Ackerman, who promoted the strategy on the email listserv "JournoList" as a means for journalists to avoid having to cover the Jeremiah Wright controversy.
This reckless spending during a time of record deficits is irresponsible.
An Ackerman Gambit? I've read the JournoList, too, y'know ...
by Shattered Glass July 23, 2010
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Giving a dramatic eyewitness report of an event that hasn't happened yet. Laphamizers get busted either when the event goes down differently than reported or the article goes to print before the event happens.
Named after notorious journalistic fabulist -- or talented psychic -- Louis Lapham.
Barbara Stewart's description of that seal hunt was graphic and bloody. Too bad the seal hunt was cancelled. That Laphamization ended her career.
by Shattered Glass May 16, 2009
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