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A dance style. Used along with Ska music.
That Sarah girl sure knows how to skank.

Blake knows how to skank backwards.
by Shanaynay March 12, 2005

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The feelin' you get when your trippen off of an X pill; thizzed out
I just popped an X pill and i'm thizzin' (feelin the pill)
by Shanaynay June 19, 2006

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1. loser; nerd; WANKSTA!!
That white is an offie! Those shoes aint jordans, those like...washingtons! Offie!
by Shanaynay January 28, 2003

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Rent-a-cops. Usually found at the mall.
Dude, watch out for the pigglets in Sears.
by Shanaynay April 09, 2005

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The act of shopping at a thrift store.
Emo kid 1: Hey lets go thriftin.
Emo kid 2: Yeah! I need a new tie.
Emo kid 1: Remember, the smell of old is the smell of emo clothes gold.
by Shanaynay March 24, 2005

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someone who is jive turkey!!!
What's up... lilly liver???
by shanaynay July 02, 2004

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