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Gangsta Rap(noun)- a sub-genre of rap which is an evolved form of Hip-Hop whos agressive lyrics express a violent attitued that typically glorifies violence and drugs.
Gangsta Rap sadly and ironically competes against the original form of Rap which is a branch of Hip-Hop which was/is aimed towards seizing gang violence.
by Sean McDonnell January 6, 2008
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Stemming from the slang word 'Dude' it is a discriptive word for something that is typically done or seen by a Dude.
Man that guys shades are so dudeular

(opposite)The kids hair was curly, lame and undudeular so his girlfriend told him to cut it off.
by Sean McDonnell November 10, 2008
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1. adj. -Describing a very cool move or catch
2. verb -Used when about to make an awesome catch of a ball

1. "Dude, throw me somethin' bakin' steakin!"
2. The boy ran to catch the ball and as he dove he shouted, "Bakin' Steakin!"
by Sean McDonnell November 4, 2007
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Term comes from the product "Vic's" which helps take congestion or a cough to help one sleep better.
1. Vic-ti-fied(adj.) To be subdued into not feeling anymore pain.
That hot bath made me feel so victified
by Sean McDonnell November 12, 2007
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