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When a person ties a string around their forefinger and then as it swells up they stab it with a lead shiv and it pops, spewing blood.
ted pulled a sninkerdoodledawdlepop and almost killed his dumb self
by Scz May 15, 2007
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Used by some players in Call of Duty 4 and in other first person shooters, T Bradyed is when someone launches a grenade into the sky that travels across the map to kill an enemy or two. It is considered an epic win when performed correctly.
*Launches grenade into sky across the map, gets a kill*

"That bitch just got T Bradyed!"
by Scz September 2, 2008
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One who assumes that they know everything about politics and should be treated like a god.

They often refute anything/everything people say that is against their political views. They are the arrogant douchebags of the political world for short. You will find an abundance of them in the comment sections of political videos on YouTube.
Educated person: How so?
Politinoob: HE JUST SUCKS!!!!11
Educated person: Hmmm....
by Scz January 30, 2009
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Someone who is very lame at doing stunts and cannot speak correctly and who has really bad hair.

Other terms include:
Gay guy barbarian
Hatchling barbarian
and many more.
"Man, that guy is such a sissy barbarian!"
by Scz May 15, 2007
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