the offspring of a bear and a deer.
the cawn goes caaaaaaaawn.
by randysnothere November 29, 2011
l33t computer dork ebonic speak for corn.
my momma sho do bake sum deeeeelicious cawnbred!
by i hope you die in a car crash November 28, 2010
the unconsented stimulation of the anus. The "cawndawgger" will most usually use 2 or 3 fingers to shove up the victims rectum although, sometimes, a phallic object will be used. Prior to the common belief, this action is specifically used to cause physical discomfort in the victims asshole. When properly executed, the victim will be immobilized on the floor while the attacker rams his/her asshole. Usually performed when the victim is bending over as the anus is gaping.
Tim: why is Andrew limping today?

Connor: lucas and Brendan held him down and cawn dawged him as hard as they could.
by Scoopdevious January 11, 2017
A Southern bread made of egg, milk and cornmeal. Usually a delicacy cuisine in southern meals accompanied by a stew, or seafood.
Momma I made a whole pan of cawn-bread to go with that stew.
by Missmossy January 28, 2020
The southern word for “Pecan”.

A type of nut that grows on trees and falls near beginnings or Middle October.
“That Puk-Cawn pie Aunt Shelly baked melted in my mouth.”
by Mississippi Roots November 24, 2021
When you cry and yawn at the same time
I was cawning because it was gods way of telling me that I was tired
by eugene98 October 4, 2019