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Someone with downs syndrome. Because they all have the same downy looking head.
"Did you see that bus full of same heads?"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 19, 2009

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When you go for a dump but only thin light brown water comes out, usually spattering the pan, often resulting in splashback
"I just shissed all over the place"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 14, 2009

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A massive cone shaped spliff
"whoah! thas a bosshead!"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 14, 2009

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This is the place where people who are Hench but not Shredded live.

Eating in Caloric excess to accelerate muscle mass gains in bodybuilding can result in a large but undefined physique.

Bodybuilders who possess this bulky but low quality muscle mass are said to be in "Carb County"
"Have you seen Steve these days? He's massive"

"Yeah but he's big but hes got zero definition"

"Yeah he's the mayor of carb county"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse May 07, 2012

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Abbreviation of Spicy Rollie. A handrolled cigarette using a small paper and containing a very small amount of cannabis.
Terry- "2s on that spliff"

Denzel- "it's just a spicy build your own"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse December 19, 2012

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Electronic cigarette liquid infused with marajuana.
Yo let me hit that soup.

That soup is strong yo.

Dat soup.
by Scaredtoleavethehouse July 27, 2014

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Weed or a joint
"shall we get some cratty?"

"Skin a cratty yo!"
by Scaredtoleavethehouse June 14, 2009

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