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Smelling disgusting or like dirty vagina. Also pertaining to the female genetalia.
1. (n) How come it smells like poonander in here?
2. (n) She had one nasty poonander.
by Savanna November 15, 2004
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Miniature- small
Fuck- (as in: You Fuck! You Idiot!)
Tard- originating from REtard but being added on the end of fuck...meaning retard.

an annoyance
guy: That bitched failed me,
other guy: what a miniature fuck tard
by Savanna December 05, 2003
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a couch that a whore sleeps under and then grabs you buy the ankles when you sit on it.
dude, watch out!
your sitting a whore couch
by savanna April 23, 2004
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Chris Brame: A little scrawny pale kid who likes to listen to emo and cut himself. Can be used to describe someone equally gay.
'Niggz, shut the fuck up and go cut yourself'
by Savanna June 29, 2004
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