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FMK is the acronym for Fuck, Marry, or Kill. Used as a quick gauge to determine the viability of a chick or to categorize a chick.
FMK acronym

Fuck = Avril Lavigne
Marry = Jennifer Aniston
Kill = Amy Winehouse
by SavageNation August 24, 2009

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The unfortunate event when the toilet paper you are wiping with skims and slips off your ass, thus causing your knuckles to graze your half-wiped ass. A smell check of the offending knuckles will confirm or deny whether you need to cut off your hand.
This dollar store toilet paper offered me no ass traction; a knuckle graze occured, and now my knuckles look like shitty brown mountains.
by SavageNation June 04, 2009

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A second phone used for talking to girls beside a wife, fiance or steady girlfriend.
I just bought a Tracphone aka "a Bat Phone" from Walmart so I won't get caught by my wife talking to this chick.
by SavageNation June 03, 2009

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When the eyes are not properly aligned, usually due to weak extraocular eye muscles or lack of coordination between them
Mike: Did you notice that Amy has Summer Eyes?

John: Whats that mean?

Mike: Some of her eyes are over here and some of her eyes are over there.

John: Oh
by SavageNation July 16, 2009

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Terminology used during Navy Boot Camp that describes the stray material found on military issued clothing that can typically cause a trainee to fail an inspection.
Your not paying attention to detail trainee, there is a commie tag on the collar of your shirt, you should of clipped it off with a nail clipper.
by SavageNation July 17, 2009

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The location of a single black, brown, or grey tooth located along the gumline usually surrounded by white teeth. Much like a lone tombstone, the spookytooth looks rotten and weathered. Offen referred to as a "dead tooth", the spookytooth generally only makes an appearance when a person smiles. They know it's there, you know it's there, yet they act like it doesn't exist if they don't smile.
Skankyspice looked so hot tonight until she smiled and that spookytooth scared me. She doesn't have a methmouth but I still can't bang her with that tooth staring at me.
by SavageNation August 24, 2009

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Finger pointing to the chest from one man to another in a communal shower while both men are naked. This happened between Congressman Massa of New York and Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel due to Massa not supporting the Marxist takeover of the US health care system.
This guy came up to me while I was in the shower and pulled a Rhambo on me because I hit on his girl the previous night at the bar. I then punched him in the face in self defense.
by SavageNation March 09, 2010

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