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The term describing the amount of clarinet youv played in a day.
I have done 7 hours of Clarinetage today, how about you gabi?
by Samuel Cantori June 09, 2007
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The amount of clarinet practice you have done in a time frame. Clarinettage is slang and can be used colloquially in an informal conversation.
Your friend approaches you and asks, "Hey Sam how much practice have you done today?" I would reply "Well i have done about 3.5 hours of Clarinettage today Gabi, what about you?"
by Samuel Cantori July 22, 2007
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A word which can be used as a synonym for any swear word. It can be used at any time, in any scenario, in place of a crude swear. It can also be used as verb in some instances.
OmSg thats a big Shnaiderman on your neck. You should seriously get that Shnaiderman checked out it could be cancerous. I couldnt give a Shnaiderman right now. Shut the Snaiderman up Bill.
by Samuel Cantori February 15, 2009
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