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1)a physical or psychological disorder or disease
2)a condition or situation that is problematic and requires a remedy
The malady struck the whole town and they were driven to seek a cure from the doctor across the river.
by samcobra February 25, 2007
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Big Sweaty Black Man (BSBM)- basically a large male African American who perspirates excessively

Samcobra: Wow, that guy is such a BSBM
Friend: yea, man!
BSBM: *comes kicks our asses*
Samcobra: holy shit, I just got my ass kicked by a BSBM!
by samcobra June 10, 2006
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Commonly used acronym standing for Dont Worry About It. Extremely versatile and can be used in multiple situations
Person 1: Hey, where you guys going tonight?
Response: DWAI
by Samcobra October 15, 2005
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