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A great white bat described in Ace Ventura, very holy
"Shakaka!" Everyone bows
by Salamander July 11, 2003
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Drunk & Looking to Score
That Emily girl is totally DLS!

DLS is the best state of mind.
by SALAMANDER August 27, 2013
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A person who sits day and night in front of his pc playing games. Sometimes he goes to get him a snack but for the rest he stays there. He doesn't say hello to people who think there is a stranger on bfree's chair. This specie is mostly at least 50% gay and they are proud of it.
Get of your pc, you don't want to end up like a wazzie right?
by Salamander April 07, 2003
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When u masturbate to tits in sex.
i want tomass tit wank
by salamander May 09, 2006
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