58 definitions by Saetern

Very shocked and/or surprised.

"O_O! That scared me.
by Saetern May 10, 2018
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1.)An swear four letter word.
2.)An swear four letter word, includes ****.
1.)What the #*@$ are you doing?
2.)This is a ****ing room!
by Saetern June 28, 2018
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Stupid is a bad word and it goes like this: ******, But $tupid goes like this: $tupid
Well, that's $tupid.
by Saetern June 19, 2018
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A smiley with a . is the nose and * is the hair and - is the eyes
A: How do you like my hair *-.-*?
B: It's great!
by Saetern May 20, 2018
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