3 definitions by Sad.Kim

The worst possible feeling ever. You're just so sad and sometimes don't wanna live anymore.
- What does depression feel like?
-It feels like drowning, only you see everyone around you breathing
by Sad.Kim December 2, 2016
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A person who hides their feelings behind a smile when all they want to do is cry/scream/die
"She's eccedentesiast. I can see the sadness in her eyes when she smiles"
by Sad.Kim January 29, 2017
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Something you say when people are annoying you and you wanna be left alone, but sadly most people think it means "go ahead and annoy me til I get mad and pull out a huge chunk of your hair"
P1: leave me alone
P2: *annoys P1*
P1: leave me the fuck alone!!
P2: *continues to annoy P1*
P1: *pulls out a chunk of P2's hair*
by Sad.Kim September 9, 2017
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