someone who hides pain behind a smile.
she didn’t like showing the pain, she was an eccedentesiast.
by xvalentinex June 1, 2018
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Someone who hides behind a smile, when all they want to do is hide and/or die. ( There is so many, they actually made a word for it.)
She's eccedentesiast after she had to break up with Dylan...
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A person who hides their feelings behind a smile when all they want to do is cry/scream/die
"She's eccedentesiast. I can see the sadness in her eyes when she smiles"
by Sad.Kim January 29, 2017
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someone who hides their pain behid their smiles.
"what happened to her?"

“She became an eccedentesiast after the breakup.”
by Jeff swag September 9, 2021
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