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Fazers Demand Proof
Used on the www.Fazed.org forums by Fazed members. Often utilized when someone posts something with no evidence or backing.
supernipchick: I just got a tattoo on my left boobie today!
seven: FDP!
by seven April 22, 2005

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Totally awesome action movie series following the lives of Roger Murtough and Martin Riggs. Funny, with plenty of actin.
Lets go watch Lethal Weapon 4, because Chris Rock is a total legengd.
by Seven November 16, 2003

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To make something spiffy, to make it cooler.
Barber, spiffify my hair, Donald Trump style
by Seven November 12, 2004

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queen of the patootie palace
today i sacrificed a thousand sheep for bajeena, queen of the patootie palace, goddess of the nile so she shall let the river flow strong for a plentiful harvest
by seven March 22, 2005

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An exuberant expression of joyfullness!
I have a new puppy,isnt that just 'cool beans?"
by Seven January 26, 2004

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When some one give a hand job
Yeah I gave Jono a jono
by seven March 25, 2003

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A candle stick.
Look at that candle stick.
by Seven November 16, 2003

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