99 definition by SARA

bad-tempered, eccentric
are you being cranky?
by sara March 09, 2004

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for sure
this burrito is fucking champ!
fo'sho !
by sara February 21, 2004

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it means COMMERCIAL not dot computer.
"visit www.ebay.com"
by Sara February 17, 2005

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1. To be fronting, somewhat like a poser
2. To be acting like a stunna or stunner
"and I be stuntin like my daddy, stuntin' like my daddy...
I'm the-- young stunna, stuntin' like my daddy"
--Lil Wayne ("Stunting Like My Daddy")
by Sara June 18, 2006

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the best guitarist ever!!!
i worship jimmy boy!!
english rockstar
member of the late yardbirds before the band split and Jimmy started the new yardbirds, later named led zeppelin. well the rest is rock history!!
member of led zeppelin (best band ever)
signature les paul- i would die for a les paul!!
worshipped the devil...but thats okay because if that makes him a good guitarist then maybe i should 2! haha
by Sara March 08, 2005

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A picture rating website on the internet for boys and girls, ages thirteen and up.
Many teens spend their days on the forums here, chatting with other teens, old men, fakers, and probably hermaphrodites too.
d00d get on BP i made a thread about u
by Sara February 06, 2005

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Someone afraid to kiss the same or opposite sex.
Alec;*attempts to kiss Sara*
Sara;Maybe not tonight *pushes away*
by Sara April 02, 2005

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