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Located in Derwood MD, Red Means Go is a shit cover band of a larger local band called The Dregs. Only able to gain popularity in highschool because of the sex scandal between vocalist/bassist Alex Mola and guitarist?(seriously, we dont know) Joey Schaffer. Niether can really play. As their name suggests, they dont know when to stop.
"Hey, did you go to the red means go show on friday?

by penor does not forgive November 24, 2006
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"Red means go" is a game played in a car with your significant other. When one comes to a red light, the two occupants of the car make out until a green light occurs. Where normally red means stop.. the car (and please, do stop the car) red also means go.. start kissing, hence the name "red means go".
Ellen and I were playing red means go on the way home. We didn't see the light change, and there were about 10 cars lined up behind us! They were so angry.
by Sara December 28, 2007
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