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A alcholic beverage that will make you walk side-ways, and make the ugliest girls look pretty!
I cant believe I fucked that fat chick side-ways after I drank that WILD TURKEY last night!
by Ryan B July 24, 2003

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To make love; to have sex. (jewish version)
My brother shtooped this girl at my house last night while my parents were sleeping.

My cousin said she would shtoop Nelly.
by Ryan B January 02, 2004

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MTV has just launched their new logo for their little brother channel MTV2 and have been aggressively promoting it since the last Superbowl. I know that malicious companies like to show their true intentions through symbolic logos. I have to hand it to to people behind the scenes at MTV; they must really think that nobody knows what they are really up to. Let’s just take the new logo their using “a two-headed dog?” Their just seemed something too evil about that. I knew that the Cerberus guarded the gates of Hades, but that one had three heads. I searched further and found the story posted above and it makes total sense now. MTV is the Orthrus and is guarding the captive cattle, “the dazed hive-mentality youth of today.” The conditioning has been there for a long time and now they are just getting an extra laugh rubbing in our face in plain view. We know now that MTV is the cattle herder, but what is the real monster that it’s working for?
Eurystheus, for his tenth labor, gave Heracles the task of bringing back the cattle, which belonged to the monster Geryon. This involved killing the sentinels who watched over the cattle and their master, then, driving the herd over land and sea back to Greece single handed, which made this a very precarious adventure. This monstrous beast was the son of Chrysaor, which makes him nephew of the Gorgon, Medusa. Geryon had three bodies, six arms, six legs and three heads and his appearance was that of a warrior. He lived on Erytheia, a mythical island far to the west, Geryon was the owner of huge herds of cattle, and they were protected by the herdsman Eurythion and the two-headed watch-dog Orthrus.
by Ryan B February 15, 2005

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A country-bumpkin term that means to leave, generally rather quickly.
"We need to skidattle on outta her', or else them-ther farma' might cat' on!
by Ryan B September 28, 2004

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