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A resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Known for their love of all things Steelers and Donnie Iris and extreme hatred of Cleveland. Consists mainly on Primanti Brothers and ethnic cuisine. Yinzers can be easily identified by their one-of-a-kind, ridiculous accent.
Did you see those yinzer fighting the Brown's mascot at last week's game?
by Cowher Rules February 25, 2005
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A derogatory name of someone from western Pennsylvania that speaks a dialect that is often referred to as "Pittsburghese"
Locals who speak the Pittsburgh dialect are often referred to as "yinzers"
by Naten53 October 08, 2007
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White trash coming from Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas in western, PA, eastern, OH, and northeast WV. Very frequently inbred, under educated, and retarded, the yinzer is a simple breed, speaking in a dialect often referred to as "Pittsburghese", characterized by the fictional word, "Yinz". The Yinzer is a willfully ignorant species, fully believing that pittsburgh is the best city in america simply because said yinzer has never been more than 20 miles from pittsburgh.
Yinzer: "YInz gahn'a stilurz game dahn at hahnz fiild"
Human:" Are you guys going to a steelers game down at heinz field?"

Yinzer: " Dahn by maa haas"
Human: "Down by My House"

Yinzer: " Da Yinz caeer need fixed?"
Human: "Does your car need to be fixed?"
by Thenewenglandahhhh June 15, 2011
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1. someone who overdoes pittsburgh using the "pittsburgh" accent.

2. a fairweather fan who wants to disban the team because of 1 bad week.
1. YINZER: jordan, we're going to meet up at the bar, meet us down there (pronounced down air) at 10

NON YINZER: where?

2. YINZER: ben roethlisberger threw an interception. trade him.

NON YINZER: alright. calm down. ben threw 4 tds. holmes dropped the ball.
by pittsburgh guy January 09, 2010
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Female, native of Pittsburgh, wearing too much hairspray/gel and makeup, with a very limited vocabulary and usually driving a Camaro, Firebird or Trans-Am, loves 80s music; very often like a moped---fun to ride, but you wouldn't want your friends to see.
Last night I went to the South Side and ended up bangin' this yinzer in the back of her Trans-Am.
by Buckeye September 04, 2003
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White trash from Western Pennsylvania, and sometimes even extending into the "inbred" areas of West Virginia.
Extremely dumb, toothless losers that can be found in large masses watching Steeler games. Known to be very filthy and not familiar with simple hygienic practices such as showering and brushing their teeth. Their most prized possessions are their terrible towels, which they would permanently trade in a moment's notice for running water and soap.
"Did you have a good time at the bar last night?"

"Fuck no, the place was crawling with dumb Yinzers wearing meatball-stained Steelers' shirts. I had to leave because of the horrible stench."
by yoyoma99 March 05, 2009
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