9 definitions by Ry-Dro

At any give time a person up and informs someone of higher power that you are doing somethig wrong just to hate.
Man shit i not talking to toney that niggas a drop snitch.
by Ry-Dro June 08, 2006
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To keep it movin away from whoever told youto keep it going.
Naw nigga don't come around here with that. Shit to be for real dog I don't even want to around here man you need to keep on truckin.
by Ry-Dro June 22, 2006
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when something is done to your liking and you pretty happy about it.
if you play sports and you made a nice play. You would say man say something like "man that shit was hood boss"
by Ry-Dro May 22, 2006
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A person that hops form one hood to another.
Man i seen that nigga fuckin with dem other boys shit, he ain't nothing but a hood hopa.
by Ry-Dro June 14, 2006
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