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Using your fingers to pleasure a females vaginal region. Basically fucking a girl with your fingers.
Man, I was finger blasting this chick last night.
by Roz October 28, 2003
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a fisting of someone simultaneosly by over 6 individuals often resulting in extreme pain and hilarity at what a muppet that person was for agreeing
dude i am sooo up for tearing my asshole with a clusterfist
by roz March 09, 2005
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1.) Any person in a professional sports league that gets selected to that sports All-Star team.
2.) A person that is exceptionally good at something.
Lebron James is going to be an All-Star this year fa'sho!

Woh man, your an all-star at shooting three pointers!
by Roz October 28, 2003
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To spread yourself out and not bother to move again at a sleepover on the floor with desired bedding. Flumping is best performed in a sleeping bag against another body in a sleeping bag and a second body flumping on a sofa with a quilt.
Boz flumped against Roz and Sauron.
'Stop flumping on me - I can't feel my leg!'
by Roz February 15, 2004
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a nasty middle class white kid usually wit acne , an std, and nasty lookin tryin to be somthin he not dressin up in ghetto clothes, or baggy clothes actin like he black when he never been in the damn projects his whole life and his bitch ass would be scared as shit to be in the projects or ghetto, all he does is listen to rap and dress like a wanabee nigga wit fake gold and nasty cologne. Any real nigga would beat the hell outa him.
Look at that nigga he be actin hard but he ***** then *****
by roz February 26, 2005
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Delectable little biscotti made with love and snrang (But mostly snrang.). They're generally eaten during the season of Snrangmus, the celebration of the Patron Saint of Gorillaz Unofficial, Saint Snrangmus. Snrangbiscotti is the sexy cousin to snrangbiscuits.
"That sodding pizza bloke ate all the snrangbiscotti! That bastard! We're not paying him."
by Roz April 01, 2005
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A statement of fact.

To explain.
Boz's frong called Nebulous told me 'croinkle' the other day.
I croinkled to Boz about frongs.
by Roz February 15, 2004
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