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That kid that calls you a noob.
I own you because I am Roman.
by Roman January 18, 2004

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German: Marvellous, wonderful, terrific, cool. Something exceptionnaly good.
Umm, this meal is wunderbar! Das ist wunderbar.
by Roman January 23, 2004

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One of Nas' many nicknames. He is also one of the greatest rappers ever! Possibly the greatest lyracist ever.
His real name is Nassir Jones.
Nastradamus is the same person as Nas.
by Roman June 15, 2006

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The act of shitting(defecating) in the shower. Often accomplished by the user sitting on the shower drain and doing his act through the little filter that picks up the hair.
When the plumber came, the marks around the shower drain made it obvious that Michael Z had been showeting under the supervision of Mr.S.
by Roman December 21, 2003

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German; originally meaning: A stick with many little bells on it.

Nowadays a word for a slap in your face.
- Stop that crap or you'll catch a Schelle!
by Roman January 27, 2005

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Ridiculous, absurb, crazy, an act of stupidity. Something you wouldnt normally see, or hear about.
Yo that shit is ridonk(short for ridonkulas) That kid's bike is ridonkulas.
by Roman December 27, 2004

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Homeless bum wearing Saucony jumper, blind hat, 3/4 pants, no shoes. Flome's habitat is places where he can steal from such as the tuckshop, 7/11, coles. also see crump (from real monsters)
"Flome" went to the store with no shoes on to buy Holidays and didn't have enough money.
by Roman June 15, 2003

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