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Pity Fishing Expedition. When people post things on social media, designed to garner pity from people who regret having stopped scrolling to read it. Like, "It's been 27 years now since my dog Spot died, I still cry every day"....
Check out Jane, posting about a dead gerbil and her medical "conditions", she's on a real PFE.
by Rob Mooers February 20, 2018
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Near Divorce Experience

A bad fight or faux pas within a marriage that nearly results in divorce.
Julie and I really got into it, when she found out I went to the strip club and spent half the rent. It was a true NDE.
by Rob Mooers August 29, 2010
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A hospital or medical practice that is far better at billing, than it is at actually treating patients. Theses are especially common around the larger urban areas, where a large part of the population receives their insurance "through the state". It's well known that these types of insurance plans are much easier to overbill and flat-out rip-off, due to incompetence, ineptitude and ignorance, which of course is never in short supply in ANY state office.
I've been to the medical rehab place five times, and seen a different doctor every time, and still have got no real treatment or relief, it's just a "bill mill".
by Rob Mooers May 28, 2014
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A nocturnal emission, more commonly known as "a wet dream"
Man, it was the last night for those pj's, woke up sticking to them after a snoregasm...
by Rob Mooers February 8, 2020
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