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A twist on the good ol' "okey-dokey". Has the same jovial tone as okey-doke and okey-dokey but can also be used in a resigned or exasperated tone. Whatever the tone of voice (or text) the meaning is the same - it means OK.

May also be spelt: okecky-dokecky.
Mel: So I was thinking that instead of blue paint for the window trim we use yellow...
Kel: No, no - it has be blue. The clients specified blue!
Mel: Well maybe we should ask the -
Kel: NO. They've already said their decision is final.
Mel: (does a half-shrug) Okeky-dokeky.
by Rina Lam December 01, 2011

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When a guy or a girl sounds very smart in a (most often private) conversation about romanticism (i.e. love, nature, etc...) and it seems very romantic and delicious.

Pronounciation: Ro-man-ta-lish-ess
Bree: How was your date with Kath?
Troy: It was quite good actually. Truth be told, when you introduced us I thought she was a bit dull, but she turned out to be rather romantilicious.
Bree: Yeah, she's a smart cookie. And a fun one at that.
Troy: I'm seeing her again the day after tomorrow.
Bree: Awesome.
by Rina Lam October 24, 2011

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Leaper is the term used to describe the non-canon ship of Leah Clearwater and Jasper Hale from the Twilight fandom. It is a portmanteaux of 'Leah' and 'Jasper'.
Pippo: Omg, I read this fanfic the other day that shipped Leah with Jasper -
Fippo: Jasper?!
Pippo: I know, I know - it's random, BUT it's really intense. They would make such a good couple. Leaper is my new OTP.
by Rina Lam October 10, 2011

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- The feeling of being so 'not-amused' that you might just slip into a coma.

- When comedy just ain't comical.
Donna: I watched this Billy Connolly stand-up DVD with my brother and I was so bored. I nearly slipped into a comady!
Martha: Really? I think Connolly is good for laughs, except sometimes I find what he says to be a little incomprehensible.
by Rina Lam January 05, 2012

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A fear of buffets. The term was used on Frasier (season 4, episode 15: Roz's Krantz & Gouldenstein are Dead)
Talking about Maris Crane:
Niles: It's cruise season, she never partakes. She has an absolute terror of buffets.
Frasier: Ah, yes — the legendary smorgaphobia!
by Rina Lam April 16, 2012

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The pleasantly surprising feeling when you eat something delicious that is made with a lot of fruit. Doesn't necessarily have to be primarily or solely strawberries. Any berries, any fruit.
Karen: My boyfriend invited me to dinner with his parents and his mum made this AMAZING nectarine crostata for the dessert.
Sylvia: That good huh?
Karen: Yes! Every bite was like a strawberrygasm.
by Rina Lam January 16, 2012

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A term given to someone who travels a lot, specifically to other countries (hence the word 'global'), for their studies or for work experience. Supposed to be used in a joking manner.
Ivan: I got my time-off approved by my boss.
Amy: Oh, a holiday?
Ivan: No, I've been awarded a scholarship to study in France/Germany/Japan/Malaysia/America/Italy
Amy: Wow! Another one? You go to so many places. Haha, you never stay put, you global slut.
Ivan: Haha, yeah, well when the opportunity presents itself I gotta take advantage of it.
by Rina Lam October 19, 2011

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