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A sexual maneuver in which the male/female who is performing this technical/magnificent act, uses a prime number of digits (3) from one hand to pleasure a female recipient. The pointer (index) finger is used in correlation with the middle (digitus medius) finger, as both are to be inserted into the vaginal cavity of aforementioned recipient. Digit #3 is your pinky (baby) finger, which will be used to"fullfil" the final structural component required to accomplish this maneuver. All three digits are to be placed INSIDE the predetermined placement points (PPP), simultaneously. Once you feel like all three digits have been properly placed, you can move on to the next phase of the maneuver. Slowly move your digits in a thrusting, in-and-out motion. This is the basic movement used to achieve the pinnacle of pleasure (POP). Any additional choreography is to be used at your own discretion. Note: some form of water/silicone based lubricant is not a mandatory requirement, but does come as a recommendation. This maneuver could also be called "The Shocker." Not to be mistaken for "The Spocker" or "The Show Stopper."
Me: "I overheard a college kid yesterday that said, 'Ya bro, 2 in the pink 1 in the stink, ha ha ha ha ha ha.'"
Co-worker: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha."
Me: "That's what I said! I can't believe all the nasty things people do in the sack."
Co-worker: "No kidding."
Me: "I'm going to try it on Felicia tonight."
(Moment of silence)
Both: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha."
by JungkwonkoreanbceIV September 12, 2016
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when you pleasure both holes, by putting out you index and middle fingers and those go in the snapper, then the pinky goes in the sphincter
aw, last night i gave my gf 2 in the pink and one in the stink
by milf hunter November 27, 2003
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When a woman is being fucked by three men, where two of them are hitting it in her pussy, and the other is hitting it from behind.
Maisy just posted a pic of her with the hashtag #2inthepink1inthestink, I think we all know what she was up to last night
by DDLGprincess September 11, 2016
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