4 definitions by Ricky Biff and Little Peter

A 'Quarantine Fifteen' is what happens when you gain some weight (15 or more pounds) during the COVID-19 Quarantine.
"Yo man, you're getting a little plump... Did you gain a Quarantine Fifteen or something?"
by Ricky Biff and Little Peter January 17, 2021
A Pumpernickel Finger-Gun is a sexual act that involves anal sex and fingering. It commonly occurs when a Male and Female are having Anal Sex and the Males penis gets stuck in the Females sphincter.

Then, the Male has to use his fingers to get his penis out of the Females sphincter, which causes the Female to release her bowel contents all over the Males finger.

It is a very messy process.
"Bro, I was fucking Stacey last night and we had to do the old Pumpernickel Finger-Gun!"
"Go... Go wash your hands, David."
by Ricky Biff and Little Peter January 15, 2021
The Five-Finger Dieter is what happens when a man can fit his entire hand into his ass, which is why the words "Five-Finger" are included in the name. It is an act of self-fisting, basically.
The word "Dieter" is a noble German name, and German acts of sex or masturbation are usually messy and acrobatic, which is why you need some flexibility to successfully give yourself a Five-Finger Dieter.
"Bro... I gave myself a Five-Finger Dieter last night!"
"You're gross man... But good job..."
by Ricky Biff and Little Peter November 14, 2020
A mix between a Toilet and a Plunger. A great insult to use when someone is disgusting, dirty, and unsanitary. Sounds like a slur, but is really not.
"W-What is a toinger?"
"A mix between a toilet and a plunger, you uncultured swine."
by Ricky Biff and Little Peter December 4, 2020