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index and middle finger in the puss, and pinkie in the brown hole. Also known as two in the town one in the brown, two in the city one in the shitty, and two in the grass one in the ass.
I hit that bitch two in the pink one in the stink
by Rick James Bitch March 19, 2004

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the republic if Whitetrashistan was established with the opening of the first trailer park in 1889. Whitetrashistan predominately includes the Southern region of the United States but has not yet been recognized as a true nation.

The gross national product is $12/hour when the wives are working hard on the corner. Although they claim to share the common English language with Americans, their speech is incoherent.

The dying words of every citizen are, "watch this!"
You are your mother's uncle.
by Rick James Bitch February 02, 2005

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a term used to subliminally signify a dick when making a prank call.
Hello sir, does this store supply caulk?

Does the caulk come in different colors?
by rick james bitch February 27, 2004

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When two dudes are fuckin in an alley and one dude (with a tiny dick) pulls out and says 'hey man, you ever heard of zeek rewards'. Then the other dude says 'nah'. Then the first guy dude becomes a pick up artist eventually.
Man, that guy over there is a total ockstadt. Then a friend goes 'yea I know, I think has name is chad or something'
by Rick James bitch December 05, 2012

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Naked Little Nigger Child
Look at that NLNC runnin down the street
by Rick James Bitch March 29, 2004

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shnizzle=cocaine nizzle=my nose
Yo baby you know were I can find me some "shnizzle for my nizzle"????
by rick james bitch September 16, 2004

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The street term for PENIS
Pull out your wang, and stur some tang
by Rick James Bitch March 29, 2004

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