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Difficult to define exactly, but it's not the actual *name* of a situation or doctrine. Rather, it describes the outcome of a given action in the circumstances:
In the case of the US and USSR, their shared determination to retaliate to an attack by the other - given the size of their nuclear arsenals - would've assured mutual destruction.
by Richter September 20, 2003
1. A lawyer specialising in personal injury claims usually representing people against local authorities or large companies.

2. Derogative description for a personal injury lawyer who specifically seeks out clients for tripping and slipping cases against big companies. Certainly in the US, this is because the lawyer's fee will be a percentage of the client's damages award - therefore making it profitable to find injured former employees of big companies.
1. Q: What sort of practice is it?
A: Oh, he's an ambulance chaser.

2. A: "That guy who got his arm
mangled up in our machine is suing"
B: "Who's he got?"
A: "Some ambulance chaser."
by Richter September 20, 2003
To head-butt someone and break their nose with that sickly, satisfying crunch...

"Fuck you"
"No, fuck you"
"See? Fuck you."
by Richter September 20, 2003
Don't become a stranger. Usually said between friends when parting in anticipation of not seeing one another for a long time - when moving house, for example.

Is also often as a joke after marriage - warning the couple not to lose touch with their friends after becoming so attached - normally between men.
by Richter September 20, 2003
A form of shading in ink or pencil drawing\sketches, where one creates shadow or the suggestion of colour by drawing lines diagonally in one direction, and then cross-hatching them with similar diagonal lines passing in the other direction.

The more lines you do the darker the shading becomes.

Of course, I just clicked this link off the home page. It could have a whole other slang meaning I don't know.
by Richter October 12, 2003
A group of shippers who claim to hate the alt right, then ship an overpowered self insert character with a Neo Nazi
The alt right and Russian Robots said mean things about TLJ but I get hard when Ren murders people! Reylo4life!
by Richter January 22, 2020
1. A woman who often engages in sex for money, drugs, or just because they're sluts who has sex with just about anyone or anything.
Dude, Carrie is such a whore. She's 15 and she had sex with a 20 year old guy living off the system, and now she's pregnant.
by Richter October 11, 2005