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A male who likes to screw anks.

"Dude where the fuck is Charley?"
"Probably banging Lizzy..."
"Sick, that mean hes an anker!"
by Rejected lunch table April 18, 2009
A small town in PA where the majority of people who live there are incredibly white. It’s a relatively safe town, no real street crime. The police officers here get so bored it wouldn’t surprise me if they tazer themselves for fun. The only action they ever get is probably around Spring Break (or a Block Party) when the Bloomsburg University students (consisting of: frat boys, sluts, wangsters from Jersey, lesbians, one black guy, punks, Otaku, people who only came for the college party experience, and stoners) come out from their ramen and pot filled dorm rooms to grill and get totally sloshed on the streets. Teens from the high school and middle school some times attend these parties to participate in the underage drinking. This is where the police get to entertain themselves. After these spring break bashes it’s almost impossible to go anywhere with out finding a massive amount of red plastic cups or beer cans on some one’s lawn. Same goes for vomit. Bloomsburg is mostly seen as an ignorant Redneck town, which isn’t completely true. Yes there is a good sized group of trailer trash, teen girls who get knocked up in the ninth grade and homophobic racists, but there is also you’re pretentious yuppies who sit around in Restaurant 211 drinking coffee and talking about politics they really know nothing about. This group ranges from age 12-45. We also can not forget the Bloomsburg Middle School students. They count as their own group entirely. This generation seems to be more open minded towards everything sex, race, religion, ect, ect. Bisexual seems to be the new “in” thing for them considering the boys can’t spend a whole day without groping or hugging each other in the halls. The teachers here range from Kickass to Fucktard nothing else really needs to be said about them. High School students are the same as they are in every town, either on drugs or the pill. Same stereotypes: Goths, punks, jocks, skanks, preps, EMO, Otaku, wangsters and drug dealers. Also every year we have a kickass fair with the same belated old shit. All in all Bloomsburg is a fucking great place to live. Until you turn 21 and realize it really isn’t and move as far away as you can.
"Wheres a great place to get drunk, high, and swear at people because they don't believe in what I do?"

by Rejected lunch table May 2, 2009