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A person from asia or is directly related to a person from asia.(children, parents, sibliings, etc.)
Chinese, Cambodians, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, etc.
by rei February 20, 2005

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A absoultely normal person who happens to love people that are of the same sex. Often riddiculed for their love and called crule terms (fag, dyke, queer, which are offencive unless the person who's saying it is gay)
While many people think it's wrong, my love for Katie is just like any other dispite the fact that we are both females.
by Rei March 18, 2004

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Living a life of extreme wealth and flaunting it. Sadly enough, young people from not so wealthy families think its cool to blow off thousands of dollars on jewlry and clothes instead of trying to move out of the ghetto and finding a better way of life.
lil' joe is ballin' wit dat phat gold chain and ice.(too bad he spent all of his momma's hidden stash buying it).
by rei February 20, 2005

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A person who uses "big words" to impress people, insists on being politically-correct all the time, constantly bitches about "the system", and thinks they're gods among men because they're atheist.
"Billy is such a pseudo-intellectual; he thinks he has to take American Government I this year because the school board's trying to brainwash him."
by Rei August 23, 2003

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An anime that was hacked up and turned into 4Kids' latest kiddie cash cow.
"I will send your mind... to the SHADOW REALM!"
"Wait, you're going to kill him?"
by Rei August 23, 2003

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An expression of glee when there is silence or nothing better to do.
"WHEEEEEEEEEE!" Jane yelled loudly in the middle of the study hall.
by Rei January 12, 2004

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A belief of ethnical superiority, always expressed either discrimination or violence.
A non-asian person makes fun an asian person by making gibberish noises which represents the asian person's language or assume he can't speak proper english.

A group white people see a black person walking by and assumes he is stupid, violent and can't speak proper english.

A group of black people see a white person and make fun of him by acting white.

A group of people talk trash about the person next to them in a language only they can understand.

A person getting lynched by a group with all members of being the race.
by rei February 20, 2005

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