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The art of forcefully ejecting diarrhea from ones anus onto another person in an arc like a rainbow.
She was certainly the pot of gold at the end of his chili rainbow.
by SPC Cracker July 08, 2006
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much like the rainbow, the chili rainbow is when there are different rings on a guy's dick from doing many different girls in the ass
I had LaQuisha, ShaNiqua, Belinda and Passion all up the Hershey Highway last chili rainbow ever!
by Loose Grip November 22, 2005
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when you insert you cock into a womans ass, then in her vagina (on her period) , once you cum hold the head of your cock, so the cum lays on top of the head...then let her have her home-maid chili-rainbow!
"that slut cant get enuff of my homemaid chili-rainbow!"
by love2ride August 02, 2006
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