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British slang for a person who's incredibly attractive without necessarily being "fit", as in healthy and/or muscular.
Oi mate, this girl is well fit!
by Recoil September 26, 2005

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While your doing a girl from behind, when you are ready to cum simply pull out and blow your load on her back. Then use your finger to draw a picture of a Pelican on her back with your semen. Then reach down and twist her foot so hard she will no longer be able to walk.
I wonder if the reason that girl is using crutches is she got sticky rutledged.
by recoil February 22, 2012

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Final Fantasy XI Character on Asura server. Best friend of Glivan who is also equally as cool ^^
Look at Pibwawa casting Cure IV on that guy!
by recoiL February 22, 2005

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Not very common, but can be used either as a l33t version of the word "poop" or something you say when you're mad.
p00p, my computer is fux0red
by Recoil May 11, 2003

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Short for "shoot-em-up". A videogame genre in which you usually play the role of a spaceship or a soldier and must destroy everything in your path.
Contra is the best shmup ever!
by Recoil September 24, 2004

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