6 definitions by Raven_CD

A term used my your mother to tell you that you can't say that you silly billy.
*starts singing snoop dog*

You can't say that. That's a naughty word
by Raven_CD September 1, 2022
When you rest items on your boobs.

This acts as a table.
Howard- Lindsay take your pringles!

Lindsay- Just chuck them at me Howard!

*Howard proceeds to chuck pringles at Lindsay's boobs*

Lindsay- Howard. Not the boobable.
by Raven_CD August 28, 2022
When you're slouching but your chest is not at the correct angle to place objects on yet.
Annalise- Hey Gregg! Do you want to come over to my house on Tuesday?

Gregg- I'd love to!

Annalise- Oh sorry! I've just realised I'm having other friends over on Tuesday. Is it alright if you end up upslumping on the floor?

Gregg- sure Annalise! I don't mind upslumping.
by Raven_CD August 28, 2022
Calmly telling your limbs that you will attack them if they don't work.
*your knee randomly collapses*

Laney- okay. If you DON'T STAY STILL then I will kick those metal containers and whack you with a hammer. Yes. I'm foobling with you right now baby.
by Raven_CD August 28, 2022