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Sexual slang. To pull is to get someone to sleep with you.
To have pull is to be attractive.
Pulling is someone who is is the art of seduction.
"I pulled this hot chick last night!"

"That hot chick has some mad pull brotha"

"Check those two out he's fully pulling on her ahh!"
by Raph August 12, 2004
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Making love to an innocent/naive young lady for the first time by using lies, deceit, an alternative persona and all other inter-personal skills acquired on the spouting cack at Roadhouse!
Two Thumb Fresh!
To blaps a girl on the first night after exchanging no more than names and not real ones at that!
by Raph July 07, 2003
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A man that waits for the most attracive woman to come along beofre he macks on to anyone.
Gaming slang for a sniper. Someone that uses a snippers rifle but does not camp.
"shit dog he's a real snippa fully waited till she came along to play his cards!"

"Far out that dudes a real snippa got me on the run with that rifle."
by Raph August 12, 2004
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one of da most welathiest peeps on da planet. u gotsta have a bmw or mercedes to be a true perian....bentlys work too. knows for there HUGE dix and there ability to get wut they want! forget dem gansgta sht aint got nutin like we do.
yo chek dat gangsta rolin in da hot mercedes benzz wit da blingin ice around his nek!!....yo dat aint no niga das a persian!
amreekayess=boro bemir eeshala HOME-beverly, cali & GN, ny
by raph March 03, 2004
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