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the platform found inside those strange toilets in europe onto which one shits. the shit is then swept off the shelf by the flush and goes down the pipe.
"Do they have a toilet in that restaurant?"
"Yeah, but it's got a shit-shelf"
"Oh, fuck it! Let's go shit at McDonalds"
by Ralph Fitz April 02, 2004

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the sound you hear where your burned cds are fucked up. Sounds like a hiccup

< digital + hiccup
'This is a great song, but those damn diggups ruin it'
by Ralph Fitz April 02, 2004

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An asshole, esp. a woman's, esp. when referring to anal sex.
So, I finally nailed Jana in the hole higher!
by Ralph Fitz March 22, 2005

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When you are banging a girl and you get her in all three places: one finger in the pussy, one in the asshole, one on the clit.
She wasn't really getting into it until I gave her the trident. Then she was ready to go!
by Ralph Fitz March 24, 2005

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1. One of the best universities in the world, home to one of the best libraries in the world
2. Home to the ugliest and fattest female students in the world and the lamest male students this side of Oxford
3. Shit fashion central
4. Strangley overrun with Christians and Campus Crusaders
5. Reviled by the provincial townies
Cambridge is full of fugly birds.
by Ralph Fitz April 07, 2004

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