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The filter in guys' brains which keeps unspoken love and affection for one another unspoken, as it should be.
When a guy shows way too much physical and verbal affection for another guy, making otherwise normal situations and interactions creepy, awkward and uncomfortable, he has ignored his Dude Filter:

-Extra long hugs.
-Telling a guy he's sweet and you love him.
-Talking way too close to him.
by Raixor February 26, 2012

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When a douchebag translates (in their mind) someone's query as a greenlight to offer their negative opinion on a subject within the query, but not the main subject at hand, offering no help whatsoever.
"Hey everyone, Angie and I are thinking burgers tonight. Any suggestions on the best one or your favs?"

"OMG red meat's so bad for u. It's so fatty and stays in ur large intestines for years!"

"Thank you for the douchelation, but I'm asking what the best burgers in town are, not your opinion on red meat."
by Raixor February 16, 2013

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The card that blackjack dealers (among other casino games) discard during active play. Showing the card after a hand is considered poor etiquette as the card could have changed the outcome of the hand in the player's favor. The same principle applies to a girl telling a guy, who likes her, (or vice versa) that he would've had a chance with her, had certain circumstances were in affect. Making a heartbreaking outcome even more devastating.
Jack: "Hi, Jill. Would you like to go out this weekend?"
Jill: "Sorry, I have a boyfriend."
Jack: "Oh, I didn't know. No problem."
Jill "Yea we're talking about getting married. But you're totally awesome. If I didn't have a b/f, I woulda SOOOO gone out with you."
Jack: "Sweetie, never show the burn card."
by Raixor November 22, 2013

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When a needy & pathetic girl posts/tweets her desperation for a boyfriend. Usually getting the attention of every douchebag who's able to read it, knowing they'll need little to no effort to get her, keep her, and treat her as crappy as they want.
Post: "I really wish I just had someone to be by my side. I'm so tired of being alone. Why doesn't anyone out there want me?"
Reply: "You know damn well that's a douchebag casting call. Now every asswipe is gonna come running to treat you like crap."
by Raixor November 24, 2013

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A non-Brown/Black person who embraces the Hip-Hop lifestyle and culture, listens to nothing but Hip-Hop and speaks as such, however, is completely grossed out by the thought of dating or engaging in sexual relations with a Brown/Black person.
Meagan: Yo, Beck-dawg, I can't wait for da 50 Cent concert dis weekend!

Becky: I know right! Maybe we can sneak backstage and do a lil a little sompin' sompin' wit him!

Meagan: Eww, gross! A Black guy? You're so ratchet!

Becky Ohhhhh, I see. You're a hip-hopocrite.

Meagan: What? I'd totally bang Eminem or The Kottonmouth Kings

Becky: (heavy sigh)
by Raixor August 15, 2014

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Nipples that point upward. Mostly resulting from cheap breast implants.
"Didja see Ashley's new boob job?"
"Yea, but it turned her nipples into nupples. They look like they're checkin out the ceiling."
by Raixor March 23, 2016

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